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10 years ago
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Experienced (10+ yrs)
Instructor ** / MI

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Saudia Arabia
Junior staff

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Nb of dive sites: 12


12 dive sites

Eastern Province

Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Fanateer Reef Why not All divers 10 m 1
Half moon stars All divers 8 m 2 1 1
Jana 2 Wreck Great CMAS ** / AOW 18 m 2 1 1
Jana Island - Raheeb Good All divers 25 m 4 1
Jana Island - Sabry Reef Good All divers 43 m 3 1
Jana Island - Twin wall Good All divers 40 m 4 2 1
Jana Wreck Standard All divers 23 m 4 2 1
Juraid Island - The Wall Good All divers 45 m 4 2 1


Dive site GPS Atlas Rate Level Max depth DS HS WL  
Abu shqor Great CMAS ** / AOW 16 m 1 1
Ras Qummah Good All divers 18 m 2 1
Saso Great All divers 40 m 1 1
Semir Good All divers 12 m 1


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No dive log


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Dive trip counter: 1

  Dive trip title Begining date End date Dive logs  
Show Jana Trips 15 April 2010 29 October 2010 0


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