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 British Virgin

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By Rhone Man , 28-12-2010

BVI overview - The BVI is more famous as a sailing destination than a diving destination, but does have a number of excellent sites, including some famous wreck dives - the RMS Rhone and the Chikuzen.

Almost all dives in the BVI are in the range between 60 and 90 feet, although there are some shallower dives. Very few dives go as deep as 100 feet, and nothing below 110.

Because of its popularity as a sailing holiday, much of the diving is 'rendez vous' diving - the dive boat meets you at your yacht, picks you up and drops you back after completing your dive(s).

Tourists tend to come in the winter, although ironically the diving is better in the summer (in the winter the winds are stronger and the waves can be rough, limiting diving options).

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