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 Puerto Rico

Central America

Location: Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of the Dominican Republic
Geographic coordinates: 18° 15' N, 66° 30' W
Coastline km: 501 km km
Climate: tropical marine, mild; little seasonal temperature variation
Terrain: mostly mountains with coastal plain belt in north; mountains precipitous to sea on west coast; sandy beaches along most coastal areas
Elevation: lowest point: Caribbean Sea 0 m highest point: Cerro de Punta 1,339 m
Natural hazards: periodic droughts; hurricanes
Currency: US dollar (USD)
Population: 3,927,188 (July 2006 est.)
Languages: Spanish, English
Capital: San Juan
Divisions: none (territory of the US with commonwealth status); there are no first-order administrative divisions, but there are 78 municipalities (municipios, singular - municipio) at the second order; Adjuntas, Aguada, Aguadilla, Aguas Buenas, Aibonito, Anasco, Arecibo, Arroyo, Barceloneta, Barranquitas, Bayamon, Cabo Rojo, Caguas, Camuy, Canovanas, Carolina, Catano, Cayey, Ceiba, Ciales, Cidra, Coamo, Comerio, Corozal, Culebra, Dorado, Fajardo, Florida, Guanica, Guayama, Guayanilla, Guaynabo, Gurabo, Hatillo, Hormigueros, Humacao, Isabela, Jayuya, Juana Diaz, Juncos, Lajas, Lares, Las Marias, Las Piedras, Loiza, Luquillo, Manati, Maricao, Maunabo, Mayaguez, Moca, Morovis, Naguabo, Naranjito, Orocovis, Patillas, Penuelas, Ponce, Quebradillas, Rincon, Rio Grande, Sabana Grande, Salinas, San German, San Juan, San Lorenzo, San Sebastian, Santa Isabel, Toa Alta, Toa Baja, Trujillo Alto, Utuado, Vega Alta, Vega Baja, Vieques, Villalba, Yabucoa, Yauco

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Culebra island 6 0
North and East 14 0
South East 2 0
Vieques island 2 0
West Coast and Mona Island 6 0

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Peñon de mera 9 / -
6.1 m 12.2 m All divers


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leatherbacktg avatar
Arch Dive
De leatherbacktg
23 Apr 2011
- Realmente esta buceada fue en el Cayo Luis Peña, pero no encontre el spot de buceo en el mapa.  Vimos 3 green turtles.  La mayoría del arrecife esta muerto.  Trip or AquaSport $85
bebecr avatar
Crash Boat Piers
De bebecr
27 Sep 2009
Dive No. 12 - Find a huge school of yellowtail snappers (more then 80 individuals). Seargents, filefish, tangs, butterflyfish, damselfish, squids, octupus, glasseye snappers, wrasses, french angelfish, sponges, feather dusters, anemone, anemone shrimp, etc. For th
wellingwell avatar
De wellingwell
22 Mar 2008
wellingwell avatar
San Slide
De wellingwell
22 Mar 2008

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