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 Dominican Republic

Central America

Famous dive area near Santo Domingo is "La Caleta", an underwater national park with wrecks such as the "The Hickory" wreck, "El Limon" wreck...

Location: Caribbean, eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Haiti
Geographic coordinates: 19° 0' N, 70° 40' W
Coastline km: 1,288 km km
Climate: tropical maritime; little seasonal temperature variation; seasonal variation in rainfall
Terrain: rugged highlands and mountains with fertile valleys interspersed
Elevation: lowest point: Lago Enriquillo -46 m highest point: Pico Duarte 3,175 m
Natural hazards: lies in the middle of the hurricane belt and subject to severe storms from June to October; occasional flooding; periodic droughts
Currency: Dominican peso (DOP)
Population: 9,183,984 (July 2006 est.)
Languages: Spanish
Capital: Santo Domingo
Divisions: 31 provinces (provincias, singular - provincia) and 1 district* (distrito); Azua, Baoruco, Barahona, Dajabon, Distrito Nacional*, Duarte, El Seibo, Elias Pina, Espaillat, Hato Mayor, Independencia, La Altagracia, La Romana, La Vega, Maria Trinidad Sanchez, Monsenor Nouel, Monte Cristi, Monte Plata, Pedernales, Peravia, Puerto Plata, Salcedo, Samana, San Cristobal, San Jose de Ocoa, San Juan, San Pedro de Macoris, Sanchez Ramirez, Santiago, Santiago Rodriguez, Santo Domingo, Valverde

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Zones (5) Dive sites Sub zones
Boca Chica 2 0
Juan Dolio 6 0
La Romana and Saona Island 12 0
Puerto Plata area 17 0
Punta Cana 13 0

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Dive sites

Dive sites (5)
Quality Avg depth Max depth Experience Dive type
Aquario Reef 2 / -
49.2 ft 52.5 ft All divers
Coral Garden (Luperon) - / -
59.1 ft 82 ft CMAS ** / AOW
Cuevas de Du-du 9 / 1
32.8 ft 42.7 ft CMAS ** / AOW
El Derrumbao 4 / -
98.4 ft 121.4 ft CMAS ** / AOW
Patricia Wreck 3 / -
49.2 ft 59.1 ft CMAS * / OW


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Aquario Reef
Dominican Republic

Parque Nacional La Caleta
Dominican Republic

Parque Nacional La Caleta
Dominican Republic

Parque Nacional La Caleta
Dominican Republic


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El Dudu

 Dive logs

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richer8472 avatar
Coral Garden
Por richer8472
12 may 2018
Coral Garden 2 -
richer8472 avatar
Coral Garden
Por richer8472
11 may 2018
Coral Garden -
richer8472 avatar
Astron Wreck
Por richer8472
9 may 2018
Astron Wreck -
richer8472 avatar
Por richer8472
8 may 2018
Caverna -
richer8472 avatar
Por richer8472
8 may 2018
Rondana -

 Dive trips

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Viaje: OW Training
Por stevehau
De 6 sep 2011 a 8 sep 2011

glasi99 avatar
Viaje: Punta Cana 2010
Por glasi99
De 9 mar 2010 a 24 mar 2010

ThomasKuehn avatar
Viaje: Domikanische Republik
Por ThomasKuehn
De 10 abr 1999 a 24 abr 1999


Viaje: Dominican Republic
Por Tanduay
De 7 mar 1994 a 12 mar 1994



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